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Strategic Plan

Swallow School District Strategic Plan, Approved April 2021:

The Swallow School District’s vision of Inspiring Excellence is rooted in the values of always placing Students First, regular evaluation of processes, practices, and data to ensure Continuous Improvement, routine and frequent opportunities for Community Engagement, a commitment to Fiscal Responsibility, and a culture grounded in Respect and Honesty.

The District’s Mission is that together we will inspire each other to achieve excellence as self-directed, problem-solving, responsible, lifelong learners which is supported by the three strategy areas:

Student Growth & Engagement:  Action Plan Key Performance Indicators
Talent Management:  Action Plan Key Performance Indicators
Finance and Operations:  Action Plan Key Performance Indicators

The Swallow School District actively uses BOTH quantitative and qualitative data from formal and information measures to inform our progress in growing each student and remaining a destination district for families and staff alike.  The Key Performance Indicators are updated each February and August.