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Nomination Form Identification is an ongoing process at each grade level. The following is a list of ways a student can be nominated for testing into the Early Gifted Learner Program and the Swallow Gifted and Talented Program:

  • Parent / Guardian Nomination
  • Teacher / Specialist Nomination
  • Product / Performance Indicators for Visual and Performing Arts (art portfolio, vocal/musical performance video, theatrical performance video)
  • Standardized Assessment Scores (CoGat, Explore, Smarter-Balanced, SRI and SMI)

Appeal Form Parent / Guardian(s) of students who do not meet the Swallow School Gifted and Talented Criteria may submit a completed appeal form to the director of gifted and talented programming.

Transitional Review Form Students receiving differentiated gifted programming through the Early Gifted Learners Program (grades K-3) will undergo a transitional review process during their 3rd grade year. The transitional review process will include a formal review which may include, additional testing, parent surveys, teacher surveys and evaluation of standardized assessment data. Concluding the review process, a decision will be made to determine eligibility and if continued programming is needed through the Swallow School Gifted and Talented Program.

The Swallow School Differentiation Report Form A key component of the Swallow School Gifted and Talented Program is communication. Parents of students in the Swallow Gifted and Talented Program will receive official updates on their child’s progress twice per year based on mutually agreed upon goals. The Swallow School Differentiation Report Form will be completed by the student’s teacher, Gifted and Talented Coordinator and signed off on by the Principal. This report will accompany the semester report card.