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Target Based Grading

Guidelines for Grading Systems-- Swallow School District Shared Practices


#1: Communication and Feedback               

Specific and timely communication and feedback are essential components to ensure maximized student progress and learning. Feedback will be provided in an appropriate timeframe relative to the task.

Communication and feedback work in tandem to ensure students know what learning targets they are expected to meet, how they are doing relative to the learning targets and how to progress to the next level of proficiency. Communication for students and parents regarding learning targets, student expectations and feedback will be provided through Infinite Campus, class newsletters, rubrics, curriculum guides, and other teacher initiated communication.


#2: Retakes and Reassessments              

At Swallow we want every student to maximize their learning and growth. Therefore, students are allowed to retest/be reassessed on summative assessments for proficiency attainment. In order to be eligible for a retake/reassessment, students must:       


  • Complete all practice and formative work assigned ON TIME prior to the initial summative assessment

  • Communicate with the teacher to discuss which learning target(s) were not met with proficiency on the initial summative assessment and receive additional instruction if necessary.                                      

  • The student must notify the teacher of a re-take within 24 hours of the return of the assessment and re-take within 3 school days for Grades 6-8 and at teacher discretion in grades K-5 and specials.                      

  • This retake policy provides for opportunities for students to demonstrate proficiency, therefore extra credit and bonus points will not be available.

  • Deadlines and due dates matter and students are expected to turn in completed work in a timely manner. Work that is not completed on time must be completed at a proficient level prior to reassessment.

#3: Determination of Grades

Student progress and grades will be determined by academic achievement according to established district learning targets. At Swallow this is called Target Based Grading. There are two categories for assessment which include Formative and Summative. Formative assessments will not constitute more than 10% of a student’s overall grade and summative assessments will constitute at least 90% of a student’s grade.                      

The final calculation of grades will be accomplished through trend scoring on student work in the above-mentioned categories of formative and summative assessments. Reports for students in grades K-6 will be reported as beginning, developing, proficient, and exemplary. Reports for students in grades 7-8 will be reported as 0- Not enough evidence, 1-beginning, 2- developing, 3-proficient, and 4-exemplary. Effort, participation, and the development of life skills are critical to student success and will be reported separately on report cards as Characteristics of Lifelong Learning.

Presentation about Target Based Grading at Swallow School:


Video from Superintendent Thompson and Principal Moore on Target Based Grading: