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Curriculum Transparency

Curriculum Transparency

The Swallow School District values parental involvement in each child's education and is committed to assisting parents in knowing where to go to find information to this end.

Curriculum & Approved Principle Resources:  The School Board approves the curriculum for each course taught at each grade level as well as the principle (main) resources which assist staff in delivering the approved curriculum.  A Curriculum Guide can be found for each class and grade level HERE within the Departments and Services, Academics, Academic Programming portion of the website.

Curriculum and Technology: The Swallow School District is committed to providing relevant and engaging learning opportunities. As part of this commitment, the District may utilize online resources as a part of the approved curriculum for a grade/subject. Please know that the District utilizes a screening process before approving apps and online resources for use in classrooms, and that students are directed to sites that are age and subject appropriate with no or minimal advertising. Students are expected to follow the Student Technology Acceptable Use and Safety Policy 7540.03.

What Are My Children Studying Right Now and What Homework Do They Have?  Swallow teachers send home frequent newsletters with a breakdown of what students are learning, ways to support next steps at home, and also use Canvas- a learning management system- to post assignments.  Parents can become observers in Canvas to see exactly what their children are learning.  (Link for Instructions to sign up as an observer can be found in the September 8, 2022 edition of the Thursday Folder).

How Can I Contact My Child's Teacher to Learn More?   Our teachers and staff also welcome any direct communication through email, phone or in person if there are specific questions. We continue to provide opportunities and avenues to communicate with families about what students are learning here at Swallow including Parent-Admin Chats, Strong Start Conferences, Parent-Teacher Conferences and more!  Please reach out to us if you need help--contact information for all staff is available on the About, Meet the District Team page of the website