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Community Conversations

Beginning with the 2013-14 school year, the school board and administration committed to holding a Community Conversations series every other school year to engage all district residents, school families, students, and staff to provide important feedback to shape the vision for our school district’s future. 

Feedback from prior Community Conversations has led to the creation of the Discovery Lab, addition of engineering, activities, and athletics programming, allowed the construction of new outdoor play spaces, supported the purchase of flexible furnishings to increase hands-on learning in classrooms, and many other augmentations to the school and its offerings. 

The Community Conversations series is hosted in Swallow attendance area homes and at school on several dates.  The school board and administration provide updates about the school district and pose questions about Educational Programming, Community Expectations, and Spaces that Support Expectations for Programming and Services. Participants provide feedback and ideas for next steps based on these questions and then prioritize all ideas brought forward.  These prioritized ideas are then included on the annual student, parent, and staff surveys to garner further input.  The school board and administration use all of this feedback and data to inform future planning efforts.

Summary of 2013-14 Community Conversations Series, January 2014

Summary of 2015-16 Community Conversations Series, April 2016

Summary of 2017-18 Community Conversations Series, January 2018

Summary of 2019-20 Community Conversations Series, January 2020

Summaries from 2021-22 Community Conversation Series, February-April 2022

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