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Swallow Scores in Top 1% of Districts on 2021-22 State Report Card

Posted on 11/15/2022

The Wisconsin DPI announced that the Swallow School District earned a 92.6 and rating of Significantly Exceeds Expectations for the 2021-22 school year, making it the fourth best scoring District of 421 in the state, with subcategory scores of 93.8 for achievement, 83.1 for growth, 89.7 for target group outcomes, and 95.2 for on-track to graduation. District overall achievement in the sub-area of English-Language Arts was in the top 3 with a score of 92.4 and top 4 in the sub-area of Math with a score of 95.1. Report cards can be found on the DPI website HERE.

Superintendent Melissa Thompson commented, “I am extremely grateful to our students and staff for the hard work which happens daily to achieve results like these. It is a testament to continuous improvement processes, taking feedback and data from students about their learning needs seriously, and partnering with families and the community to ensure students can be most successful in their learning journeys.”

Annually the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction releases School Report Cards measuring and reporting school effectiveness in four areas. Each School Report Card calculates a school's accountability index score (0-100) through the use of a complex mathematical formula. Based upon this score, the school earns one of the five ratings: Significantly Exceeds Expectations, Exceeds Expectations, Meets Expectations, Meets Few Expectations and Fails to Meet Expectations. Beginning with the 2012-13 school year, District Report Cards also became available.

The District is committed to celebrating this accomplishment and the continued work of personalizing learning for each student to ensure their highest performance and growth during their years at Swallow. For additional information on our District’s 179 year legacy, please visit or contact Melissa Thompson, Superintendent at